Newport Navy Choristers Fiftieth Anniversary

On May 16th and 17th, 2003 the Choristers celebrated fifty years of service to the community and having fun singing.  If you have pictures from the concert or dinner party that you would like to have posted on the website, please contact the Web Site Manager (see the Contact Information page).


We are still seeking to locate former choristers.  We know that there have been no less than 1971 Choristers - and we have only located 315 so far. If you are, or know, a former Chorister, please let us know!

Banquet Program (click on image for full size version)


Notable accomplishments of those in attendance

Longest Continuous Member: Marilyn Smith (since 1960)

Farthest Traveled: Charlotte McGrew (from Carmichael, CA)

Earliest Date of Joining: Grace van Patten (1956)

Longest Continuously Serving Board Members:

          Pat Robinson - Head Librarian(25 years)

          Mary Ann Gawalt - Former Historian (23 years)


Waiting to go on Friday night; will we meet expectations of returning Choristers?  The tension builds.
A more enjoyable wait on Saturday.  Bring on the food!!!!!!

Tribute to Marian Van Slyke: Cathy & Tim Moore and their rendition of "I Remember It Well"

The Sea Chantys hamming it up as usual at the banquet.

Company B belting out the ballad to their bugle boy.

The Barbershop Quartet (original name, huh?) makin' 'em laugh.
Hey Bill, save some for the rest of us!
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